Austin Cook: V-Day is Me Day

Have a happy Valentines day everyone :smiley:

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That was fantastic. Man you’re seriously talented, have you ever thought about competing? Great song as well, I watched the video like 10 times because I was enjoying the music so much. ;D

Some seriously great moves right there, really enjoyed this.

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Dude i really appreciate it and yeah i competed at Florida states just recently and was one person away from making it into finals and im going to BAC in may :smiley:

gambit that is a metal version of taylor swift’s “blank space” probably the most annoying song other then all about that bass… if you lived in america you would slowly learn to hate the song.

Actually, you got 16th at the FSYYC which was five away from the finals, but you were still really good bro. Can’t wait to see your BAC.

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Haha, I don’t really listen to the radio or follow the charts much so I’m probably a bit behind the curve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, NOTHING was as over-played as ‘Happy’… that song grates to my very core…

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I envy the person who doesn’t HAVE to hear the radio :’( I hate pop music

Awesome video though, hard to believe you didn’t make finals!

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ohh okay dude cuz John Narrum said i was 2 people away but its aight 16th is still better than nothing kept my place from last year :3

thanks dude dont worry if i go to BAC hopefully i will and if not theres always next year :slight_smile: but either way i still do it cuz it makes me happy :slight_smile:

an yeah BAcif something super big for me so i hope it goes well :slight_smile:

They had started late that day and were originally going to have 14 go through to finals (meaning 15 total because of the seeded player), but that only chose the top 11 to save time.

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Thanks dude im happy i got that well its still dualy noted :slight_smile:

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