Attic find- case of ALOX Flying discs

I was cleaning out an attic of a warehouse that I bought and found a few unopened cases of these ALOX yo-yo’s. I am not a yo yo expert or spinner myself, but I would like to sell these cases of "Flying disc"s . I was told by someone in the ALOX Family of carnival supplies here in STL that they were from the 40’s or 50’s. They have never been used, but the boxes show age because of time. Each case is of 24 . Every yo has a string. They are wood and have a couple color combinations. A collector may want to own these because it is amazing that they were unused and unopened for so long. From what I gather, these were packaged and sold as carnival prizes, not the top of the line yo yo’s, but these were the ones most kids had. The box is not very big and I would be willing to ship them to you for free. A member of the ALOX family offered me $100 a case, but said I should try my luck on the internet first. (636) 209-0514