Attention:scam user Ethan / heggetha

Hi all!
I know that 99% of the people in this forum are good people, so they have shown me over these months :slight_smile:
but there is a 1% of bad and unscrupulous people who only seek to annoy and take advantage of others :frowning:
Three weeks ago I bought a red grail from a user named Ethan, he is from the United Kingdom, this is his paypal account:
to this day, I have not received the grail yet, so I suspect it has been a hoax because it has stopped responding to my messages :frowning:
Be careful and do not send money to this man, I think I should warn future buyers so that you do not spend what happened to me.
this is the photo of the grail:

in the future if I receive the yoyo (I think not, because I should have received it in a week or ten days at the most: (I will update this topic to let you know, but it has been days since He not answered my questions and messages and attitude makes me suspect that he did not send me yoyo …
greetings to all!


I am in the exact same situation with this user as well. It must be a scam.


Did you two guys pay the PayPal fees? Or did he Sucker you into the Friends and family option?

Because if you paid the fees; than you should have no problem getting your money back.

But if you fell for the f and f; then you are eating rocks …


I usually send g&s but felt like the situation was secure (half now, half after I received the Grail). Then I would send my yoyo to him after receiving the Grail. Luckily I’m only out $25 :confused:


I’m sorry friend :frowning:
this user is a scoundrel!
We must prevent more people from falling into their trap.


I can not recover my money because I used f&f that I did not know that PayPal does not cover the returns with this option :frowning:


Not strictly true in the UK - You do have recourse assuming certain criteria are met; you have a credit card linked to you PayPal. You dont have money loaded, on-balance in PayPal and the credit card is used directly via PayPal.

If this is met then you can progress a chargeback. I did this to recoup from Chase Blackwelder.


Can you link the username of the person (like this: @shatterFX) so folks know who to avoid?


I do not know how to publish the name :frowning:
I suppose it will be @Ethan…(?)
is this user:


Just think of it this way>>>

The f & f option is almost warning you in a low key kinda way.

Friends and family?

He was not your friend. And he was not your family.

Friends and family means no goods or services are exchanged.

PayPal provides money moving services. It is a Worldwide business.

I’ve actually had a person tell me, ‘Paypal has made enough money off me. I use friends and family so they can stop robbing me.’

…So; based on that logic; an individual can draw the conclusion to quit paying for services or products because the Business makes enough money?
Does that thinking ‘fly’?

People pay for goods and services as they use them. Get gas pay for gas. Eat at McDonalds pay before you even eat. Go to see a movie buy the ticket. Use Paypal for helping process your transaction; you pay the fee for their services.

Not quite sure why people try to Weasle out of paying a fee when that is simple part of the equation.

Unless somebody is a friend(trusted) or family member(trusted); by rationalizing your way out of paying to use Paypal; you remove that Paypal buyer protection; for peanuts.

If you are too poor to use Paypal; then you shouldn’t be buying anything anyways. And if you are too cheap to pay for goods and services; then don’t whine when you realize you screwed up.

Read the Paypal rules and go from there.

If you think it’s only several dollars and you can ‘pull a fast one’; realize in any deal; there are at least 2 people playing’.

Would you like blue cheese or ranch dressing with that bowl of rocks?


I’m in a similar situation, except I used G&S for my transaction. He seemed like a scammer from the start, (wanted me to wait until PayPal allowed him to withdraw the money, failed to provide a tracking number later on, etc.) But I decided to trust him anyway. Lesson learned. Buyers beware!


Mo is saying G&S all the way. This is good advice.

If you got pulled into F&F by a ticky scammer then take time to look at your local consumer credit laws.

PayPal also has to comply with consumer credit laws outside of America.


Hey, thanks or typing this up. I didn’t know this! It’s a nice thing to know about for the future though.

I’ve been very lucky so far in dealing with nothing but awesome people in this community when it comes to buying. <3


For the most part, everyone is great. But there’s always that small group in any hobby. I’ve also been fortunate to deal with great people, including international folks, since starting. Though I’ve backed out of a few because of typical red flags for internet sales.


Wow I always use friends and family and have never had a problem…thank goodness I have been lucky…I mean at the end of the day u paying the fees so add extra to cover the goods and services fee anyway and save yourself the headache…moving forward that’s what I am doing!!!


I’m telling myself that my $25 went towards buying “Ethan” (plus or minus his family) a meal and that he really needed the money.


Nope, that went towards the cult of Ethan and that money just tipped them for total world domination.


I sent him a message. If we don’t hear back soon we’ll get him out of here.


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