Atmos Polaris

I got my Polaris today and honestly… this plays so great that I wanted to share with you all how awesome this throw is!

So far, best throw in my collection!

Who else got one? What’s your thoughts?


Comparisons? Curious how it stacks up to other Ti yoyos, especially since this shape is starting to be very popular.


I’m right behind ya. I can’t wait. Saving a little as Tide set me back.

Glad to hear you like it! Do you have Ari or Aria? Can you compare?


All my other TIs are organics so I can’t compare on that category.

It’s very center weighted but still fast and easy controlled. Weight is like a gram or two more than what I would consider perfect, but it’s still feels floaty.

Still have a lot to play with it, but as a comparison with my other throws, I would say that it plays and feels a lot like DD’s Emotion.


Took a couple of pics comparing it side-by-side with other similar (and not so similar) throws.

After some time with it im still in love but, as I mentioned before, it is a gram or two heavier than what i would consider perfect.

Definitely worth it so far.


Crosscut arrived today and they’re really alike… but they play and feel so different!

Polaris feels better to the touch and feels better to hold, probably because of its smoother edges compared to Crosscut’s, but it plays heavier.

But Crosscut is floatier and is perfectly lighter than Polaris which, for me, feels better to play. Also, is my smoothest throw so far, smooth like butter!