Atlas YoYo Precession

Hello everyone. I have an Atlas and unfortunately I have dinged it a few times. I am now noticing that it has quite a lot of precession to it (it is turning a lot when I’m doing tricks, especially at lower speeds).

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!

Depends on the dings. If they aren’t too deep you could send it to a modder for rim repair or you could do it yourself if you are feeling adventurous

Does it have a lot of vibe?

I haven’t checked vibe with my fingernail. When I throw it it feels smooth like very little vibe. It has just recently started turning more. If I throw a breakaway and just let it spin it will start to turn inward toward me. I don’t know is something is off balance now or not. The dings are not severe dings so I don’t think that is what is doing it but I could be wrong.

Dings won’t cause your yo-yo to slow down or start turning. Try cleaning the bearing.

Cool I will try that! Thanks!

Concave bearing?

Yep concave bearing. Spin time is just very low. I tried cleaning bearing (taking shield off, letting sit in lighter fluid, even used a little paper cleaning method) but it didn’t seem to make much difference in spin time.

How long have you been using it? Maybe the pads have worn out a bit.

I got it around March. I’ve used it quite a bit since. Pads have worn a bit, but how does this affect it?

The string doesn’t grip the pads as well, and when you throw it the yoyo doesn’t spin when it unspools, leading to problems with spin times

I would bet your pads are low and you are not getting good rpm’s off your throw.

I think y’all are right and the pads are the issue. I’m going to order some new ones and see if this is it!