Atlas playing poorly


Hello everyone. Recently I posted about my Atlas and how it has started playing poorly. Unfortunately, this is continuing.

I have dinged it numerous times and I don’t know if this is causing it to play poorly or something else. The dings are not all that bad, but I’m wondering if this has affected it’s performance.

The Atlas now tends to tilt and process more than what I remember. Also, spin time seems to be a lot less. Could these issues be caused by dings (like warped bearing seat, YoYo out of alignment) or something else like the bearing? I de-shielded the bearing and cleaned it, but my YoYo is still suffering. Any troubleshooting tips would be great!


Poor stability and low spin time tend to be as a result of a faulty bearing. I would recommend trying a good bearing (one you know works) on your Atlas. One of the other most common issues that leads to vibe is a loose bearing seat. To the best of my knowledge, this cannot be fixed. It is a result of taking out your bearing often.

Vibe can indirectly affect spin time. In a scenario where you have two yo-yo’s that are exactly the same, but one has vibe, the vibing one will grind (both horizontal and vertical) worse than the other. If the yo-yo is vibing, it is also more likely to hit strings when you are playing, causing it to spin for less time.

The feeling of a lack of stability can be as a result of a few things. When I tried the Atlas, it felt a bit unstable, but if you are using bi-metals/fat string the yo-yo will feel “less powerful.”

Yotricks also had awesome customer service. Don’t be afraid to contact them!

What are you doing here when you could be throwing?!


Cool thanks that helps!


No problem. I had a lot of problems early on in yo-yo’ing with my equipment that could have been easily solved, so I am happy to give advice.

What are you doing here when you could be throwing?!