At 9 o'clock tonight....

IT will happen…

Discuss what you think IT is…

You will play The Game. And lose!

Darn it, you just made me lose The Game.

Good game!

I win all your stuff.

The machine uprising

Greg nooo!!! I was doing so well! :tired_face:

Me toooooooo

You will buy a CLYW YETI but they will be out of stock

Do they release today?


It cometh’…Just hours to go, and IT will be back…every night at 9…

Not the nine o-clock news.

What time zone?

Ya’ll all just lost the GAME

Not again, arrrgh!

Ded game, ded.

And we like its past 9

For us in central time who have just won the GAME its only 8:30

The chat room will explode?
The apocalypse (aka the fall of YYE)?
I will turn into JD and turn suddenly totally awesome?

You sir, are evil. And you just lost as well.