Asia Pacific Draupnir??

So I saw the Asia Pacific 2016 edition Draupnir, and I REALLY want one. I was wondering if those Asian Pacific edition Draupnirs are only available at the contest, or if I will be able to buy one online later.


The Special Edition Draups… Usually sell out at the Contest. And they usually don’t make many even then.

I am honestly kinda puzzled as to why YYR just doesn’t make larger batches?

I think the exclusive factor disappoints more people than they know.

Or maybe they just don’t care🤔

Sometimes YYR sells out of certain Special editions before the general public even gets to enter the venue.

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They have been able to sell draupnirs for a while now because they don’t flood the market. If they made a bunch and all the cool colors were easy to get, they’d lose hype or whatever it is. Same thing supreme does haha, and many others.


Then they should just make batches of 3.

That way in 1600 years there will still be a few dozen people wanting to bounce for one.

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That’s probably a really good idea

Those bots are everwhere! First ticket master, then our cell phones, now the draupneah booths!!

It’s also the case with a number of yoyo companies nowadays.
The ones when they release a product I say, ‘There you go another awesome looking yoyo I’ll never get because people will always beat me to it and I can only dream’
But anyway, if you remove the exclusive factor, that will disappoint another group of people, there is always that.

Of what benefit at all, is exclusivity?

It’s to say that you have it, that’s all.

I suppose you could also say that exclusivity makes the yoyo ‘worth’ more, but I find tons of people on the BST trying to sell exclusive yoyos for big prices and not really selling them without huge price drops.

Well I don’t know either because I’m not much into exclusivity. Though it feels nice to have something that other people don’t, giving you a sense that you own something special. For me it’s not enough to justify paying a lot more than the ‘regular’ version. However we all know there are people who is willing to shell out a lot higher than retail even for something as ‘simple’ as a different color (for whatever reason), re-doing that same colorway will definitely cause a disappointment.
It reminds me of that Doraemon chapter where I think Nobita found a rare soda can, and since everyone wants it he asked Doraemon to duplicate it so that he have enough to make everyone happy, you can guess the rest of the story.

Supply and demand has those prices soaring!
I have some pretty exclusive yoyos that if anyone wants to buy I guess I could sell for the right price. Here we have a transparent green Duncan butterfly. It has nicks and dings that are one of a kind to it. Shall we start the bidding at $10,000?

Available… Although the strengthening Yen has made them less compelling…

Where are they available?