Artistic Performance Yoyo Video Contest $500.00 to be awarded Eli Hops Benefit

The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 22, 2013. That is the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. The deadline time is 11:59pm Pacific Time (West Coast USA). Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win some cash while having a little fun helping out a great cause.

And here’s entry number 6!!! Competitors may appear in up to 2 videos, so Mr. Feinstein has doubled his chances of winning while doubling the contribution to Eli Hops! Way to go!!! The contest ends TOMORROW at 11:59 pm Pacific time (West Coast USA) We are hoping to be bombarded with last minute entries!

Lets keep those entries coming in!!! Have some fun while supporting a great cause!!! Here’s video Number 7!!! I think this guy pretty much sums up the feelings of most adult yoyo players!

The entries keep coming in!!! This young fellow put together a very cute video!!!

If you are having trouble posting your video onto the Eli Hops facebook page, I’d be happy to help you out. Upload your video to youtube 1st, then send a link of your youtube video to me in the messages section of this forum. I’ll be happy to post your video onto the Eli Hops facebook page for you. There are just over 27 hours left to post your videos. Happy filming!

Entry Number 9. Thank you, Drew & Christine, for sending us such quality work for your submission! This brings the total donation to Eli Hops to $900.00!!! The contest ends at 11:59 pm Pacific Time (West Coast USA)

We are in the last 6 hours of this AP video contest. Get your entry in before 11:59 pm Pacific Time to provide a donation to Eli Hops and get your chance for cash & prizes!

There are just under 2 hours left to go in this contest & there are two more entries:

From Brandon Hodges –

And from Dave Herrera – (ineligible for prizes due to association with Eli Hops, but eligible to generate additional cash for the Eli Hops donation)

Get those last minute entries in. Don’t miss out on your chance to win while helping out a great cause!

This last entry is not eligible for prizes due to the entrant’s association with Eli Hops, but it generates a donation to this most worthy cause. And folks, it is very cute!!! — with Eli Hops and 2 others.

The following was copied & pasted from Granny Smith’s facebook page:

The AP Video contest is officially closed. There were 12 total entries! Only the 1st 10 entries were supposed to generate a $100.00 donation, but Granny Smith has decided to extend that to ALL 12 ENTRIES, making the total donation to Eli Hops $1200.00! But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there… EVERY ENTRANT WILL RECEIVE A CASH PRIZE! That’s right, as a thank you for taking the time to make your videos, and for having a little faith in a completely new contest involving an unknown entity, every entrant will be rewarded with some cold hard cash! Some awesome videos have been submitted, so the final determinations are still being worked out, but stay tuned for the prize announcements! Thank you all for making this one of Granny Smith’s most awesomely fun giving adventure yet!

That’s so cool! Thanks guys!

This was copied & pasted from Granny Smith’s facebook page:

“Hello all. I’ve been busy taking care of a chronically ill person since 4am (my time). I will get some rest before reviewing and reevaluating the videos again. My plan is to post results with their corresponding prize tonight – 8pm Pacific Time at the latest. Positive feedback/critiques will also be posted. Anyone wanting the negative feedback (in other words, the things that might have held your video back from placing higher, or the kind of things that could have been done better) can receive that feedback in a private message by sending a request to Granny Smith. Thank you all again for making this such a rewarding giving adventure!!!”

The Cash Prize Winners are:
The 4 Week Yoyo Master: $500.00 cash prize – Best Overall Video; Best Use of Make up; Best 4a performance; Best Sound/Music Editing; Tied Best Storyline cohesiveness; Nominated Best Film Editing; Nominated Best Art direction; Random element appreciated by judges – the cat cameo
A Place on the String: $250.00 cash prize – Best overall concept/message; Best narration; Best/most concise execution of theme; Nominated Best Sound/Music editing
Contrast $50.00 cash prize – Tied Best Art Direction; Tied Best film editing; Tied Best Camera effects
Brave: $50.00 cash prize – Tied Best Art Direction; Tied Best film editing
Fast Shipping: $50.00 cash prize – Best Actor; Tied Best Storyline cohesiveness; Nominated Best Original Video Concept
An Affair: $25.00 cash prize – Best comedy; Best comedic performance; Best Camera directing; Random element appreciated by judges – Quote: “My honey, my boo boo, my child”
Visual Poetry $25.00 cash prize – Best Documentary; Tied Best film editing
Coffin yupp: $25.00 cash prize – Nominated Best Art Direction;
Ramune and Riel: $25.00 cash prize – Nominated Best Art Direction
Santi: $25.00 cash prize – Tied Best Camera effects
A Triton of Disguise: $25.00 cash prize – Best Actress; Best post credit film action
Silent Yo: (not eligible for cash prize) Best Original Video Concept
Gigantor Girl: (not eligible for cash prize) Tied Best Camera effects; Best performance by a non-yo-yoing juvenile; Best performance by a family pet.

To receive your prizes, please message paypal information to Granny Smith via her facebook page, or through a private message to this poster (susieq22) on this forum.

Great contest ! I appreciate the feedback on my video and, of course, the generous prizes were a welcome surprise. I hope there are more entries next time. Each if the videos submitted was fun to watch!

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I was really impressed with this… Some great entries which were a treat to watch, lots of money going to the Eli Hops Foundation, HUGE prize money and very professionally organised.

Well done to the organisers for pulling this off so seamlessly. The prize money was also a great motivator!

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Helping a great cause and winning cash? Yes, this was a great contest, better than most yoyo companies can pull off plus it was also for a great cause!

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This was one of the best things I have ever been apart of in the yoyo community. I was very pleased with knowing my vid would donate $100! I really enjoyed it, thanks guys and gals at grany smith, and eli hops!

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Wow! this turned out great! Huge props to Granny Smith and Eli Hops; and congratulations to all the participants!

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Thank you for running this awesome contest and the feedback on my video! Also, nice job on sending out the prizes so quickly!! :slight_smile:

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thanks for the opportunity enter this great contest :slight_smile: i look forward to submitting again next year!!!

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