Thank you for your interest. Here is the link to the Official Eli Hops thread on this forum:,26034.0.html

Also, this was copied & pasted directly from the “about” section of the official Eli Hops Facebook page:

Eli Hops is a group that was founded in December of 2010 to raise funds and awareness for special needs education services and other special needs causes each year.

Eli Hops was founded by David Herrera when he noticed that his son Eli, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder earlier that year, was significantly helped by playing with a yo-yo.

Through the international yo-yo and skill toy community, David found similar benefits were being observed by the parents and friends of “differently abled” children the world over. It was then he decided to form Eli Hops to not only raise funds but also to help spread the word about these special kids through play.

Eli Hops is about special kids and special young adults having fun along side professional and amateur skill toy performers, sports players, artists, musicians, and all sorts of volunteers with one common goal; to “Play for Hope”.

Thank you for visiting Eli Hops!

The Artistic Video Contest is a genuine contest to not only raise money for this great cause, but to provide the participants of the contest the opportunity to win some cold hard cash. Get your entry in before the deadline, which is September 22.