Any "throwers" up in NH?


Are there any members in Southern New Hampshire/Northern Mass? If so, send me a message.

(Sensei Dave) #2

Eli Hops Fundraising Event is a yo-yo based fundraiser held in MA every year to benefit special needs education! This year it will be held right on the MA NH line! There is music, food, yo-yo pros, performers, raffles, other amazing skill toy performers, and vendors like YoYoExpert there selling amazing throws AND MORE!

The next event is in its planning stages for this summer. It is an amazing one day event that benefits special needs kids and yo-yoers of all ages and levels are welcome to come! Last event people were learning tricks from pros like Dan Deitz of One Drop yo-yos and Jeff Coons from team Duncan! There was also a crazy awesome show done by the incomparable Brett “Ooch” Outchcunis ! André Boulay himself was there with his wife selling throws and being awesome! The next one promises to be even BIGGER and Better! Its a super fun way to meet all the throwers in the area as well as pick up some serious swag without the shipping cost.

Friend Eli Hops on or keep an eye on the official Eli Hops Foundation thread here on!


I am in Southern NH.


same i am in southern newhampshire


Same Amherst Nh


NH thrower right here!


I am half way between concord and manchester!


Yeah, I am near Salem.


To any of whom resond to this topic. Send me a message, we could get together sometime.

(DOGS) #10

I put on annual Yoyo BBQs in Nashua NH. The last two have been a blast. We also occasionally have meetups in the same location.

(Sensei Dave) #11

Would anybody be interested in a new contest right on the NH/MA line this summer? Prizes and its for charity. Plus other really awesome stuff. Cause its happening. Gonna be in July. Already have one judge, a pro from the 90’s. When I have More info I will post it in the contest threads. PM me if you would be interested in that. Getting a feel for how many would actually come from our area.


I’d love a contest up here, other places are too far away!


Yes, yes, yes!