Northeast yo-yo comps.

Hey i was wondering if there are any major yo-yo comps in the northeast. I see people talking about BAC and it looks like a heck of a time, but i cant really get to bac without an expensive plane ticket… I dont want to compete i just wanna go and watch and have a good time. State comps would be cool to go to, but im more interested in going to something BAC sized ya dig?

The main Northeast competition is, unsurprisingly, Northeast Regionals. Which has already happened this year — it wasn’t quite BAC big, but to my knowledge, it is one of the bigger regional contests, and it was a blast. Rhode Island states also happened a few weeks ago, and that was a bit smaller but still a great time.

If ECC was happening this year, that’d probably be the closest thing to a BAC-esque contest, but it’s not. At this point all that’s left for the year is MA states (it was in October last year, I don’t think there are any details on 2012 yet though), and Mid-Atlantic Regionals, which will probably be in Delaware. Which isn’t really the Northeast, but it’s a lot closer than Cali!

yeahh i figured i missed the good ones :p. Oh well ill see about MA states thad still be fun. I have friends that live in MA that i could convince to go too. Thanks a bunch hopefully ill get to go to SOMETHING soon enough.

You could also come to NH yo-yo meets. :smiley:

There will also be a contest in November of this year in Haverhill MA. It’s called Eli Hops for Hope. It will be an actual contest this year with all the profits going to charity. It should be a really good time yoyoexpert with be there as well as Ooch.

Yep, I plan to go there. :smiley:

I hope to compete. :smiley:

I know it will be a great time and will be glad to see NH represented in the contest with some sweet tricks. I posted the next meeting for NH yoyo club. We can start working on a freestyle.

Wait, we can start working on a freestyle? Like we all yo-yo at the same time. ?

Really? Thats perfect im definitely gonna go! Probably not gonna compete but well see where i am by november i may want to reconsider that :slight_smile:

We have sporadic meetups in Boston, too, if that’s closer. And I didn’t know about Eli Hops for Hope! Another thing to look forward to.

You have meets in Boston?


Yea, something I missed to. This is going to be a sick fall, line up of Worlds, MAR, MA states, hopefully Nats, and Eli for hope!

Are you in the area? I can let you know next time we plan something.

I’ll be seeing you at all of those, haha. More motivation for me to practice!


Are you in the area? I can let you know next time we plan something.

I’m in NH, I actually go to the NH meets but I may be able to go to MA, probs nor. idk