Why is no one entering the eli hops for hope video thingy?

I mean… Seems legit

I am planning to, but it requires something to happen before I can…so yeah

I might join if I can find a way to get my
SD card out of my computer case because I kinda dropped it a couple days ago and I’m too lazy to go buy another

Do you know how much work an AP is? If you don’t, go put one together. Keep in mind school just started and many of us are busy.

Hi all. Just bumped into this post. I can assure you all that the Eli Hops AP video contest is legit. Yes, an AP video is generally more work than a traditional video, but the major sponsor of this contest, Granny Smith Productions, wanted it to be an artistic video contest for numerous reasons. 1st, not many video contests offer a $500.00 prize & a $500.00 prize should require a little more work & effort than traditional videos. More importantly, it is the hope that this contest will not only raise money for Eli Hops but provide an outreach to other artistic performers to become a part of the yoyo community. Do you know how many singers, dancers, acrobats, media artists, actors and other such artistic people don’t even know that the yoyo community exists? I can assure you, it is the majority. How awesome would it be if some major recording star bumped into an artistic yoyo video, and from that, decided to feature someone throwing his favorite yoyo in his next music video? Also by focusing merely on the technical, those who may never achieve technical greatness could feel left out of the community all together. There is still a week & a day before the deadline, & Granny Smith has been informed that at least 5 additional entries are supposed to be on the way. It isn’t often that someone practically begs others to help her give her money away, so be a part of this event, help a great cause, & submit your video before the deadline. Hard up for ideas? Shoot me a PM & I’ll be happy to assist in getting the creative juices flowing.

Is there like a website or something?

Eli Hops has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/elihopsforhope?fref=ts.
Granny Smith newly created one: https://www.facebook.com/granny.smith.7186896.
This is directly from her September 9 post: “In 2009, something amazing happened to the founder of Granny Smith Productions – inspired by the financial teachings of Dave Ramsey, she became debt free. That Christmas, Granny Smith began her giving adventure. She began the 1st of what has become an annual “Santa’s Secret Workshop.” Through the years, Granny Smith has provided contributions of both time and money to numerous organizations, mostly locally. Numerous churches, prolife groups, Christian organizations, and schools, as well as individuals, have been the benefactor of her generosity. Now that Granny Smith is reaching beyond her local community, she feels the need to create this Facebook information page.
May God Bless you abundantly,
Granny Smith”
Eli Hops has an official thread on this forum:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,26034.150.html
And the contest itself has its own thread in the contest, clubs, & events section:
I hope this is enough information that anyone may need. The deadline is September 22, 2013

Hey all- Dave the founder of the Eli Hops Foundation here-

I assure you that Granny Smith Productions is the real deal. They have already donated to help pre-productions and I have no doubt in my mind that they will continue to “make good”.

I know there is a lot of skepticism in our community from what happened with vs. newton. This contest (though completely un-related) is a good way to start bringing the confidence back into the good hearted nature that is inherent in our community. Bad decisions by one man hurt that confidence- GSP (run by a very kind hearted woman) sees this and wants to help bring our spirits back AND help out a great cause at the same time. This contest doesn’t cost the entrants anything except the time it takes to make the video- so there is no risk to anyone in any way.

I am so very honored that GSP chose Eli Hops to be a recipient of their wonderful assistance an I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

Make those videos people! It’s totally worth it!

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