Army green Shark Honor


Does anyone here have an Army green Shark Honor that’s actually Army green? I ordered one off of this other site because I really liked the color. When I received it, I was totally bummed out. This is what it’s supposed to look like according to the listing:

This is what I got:

They’re two different colors! :rage: What I received is a gold/brass like color. Is this just how they are where the manufactured product doesn’t look like the pictures or did I just get kind of screwed over by getting sent the wrong color?


Representation of “accurate” colors in photographs and computer screens is a whole art, industry, and science unto itself my friend… it is very hard!

Not to mention that many humans perceive colors differently, ask a color blind friend!


Well when I look at my computer screen and compare the pictures, they are two different colors. When I compare the yoyo itself to the representation in the listing, they are two different colors. There’s no lighting situation in my household where I can make the yoyo I received look anything like that dark Army green color represented in the listing. I am really disappointed especially in light of the fact that I was a hair away from choosing red. I bet the red would have looked like the red in the listing and not some shade of pink or maroon or something…


When you’re spending $10 on a yo-yo and $1.50 on international shipping you can’t be picky about color.


I disagree and the cost is immaterial. If I order something online, I should have a reasonable expectation that it’s going to look like the product that is pictured no matter what the cost. The yoyo pictured is not a reasonable representation of what I received. If they have a stock of gold yoyos with a slight green tint in the right light then don’t put up a picture of a dark Army green yoyo and say it’s the same thing or “close enough”. At the cost of this yoyo am I going to get all bent out of shape about it? No, but I am disappointed and I don’t think the reasoning behind that is being picky or petty. Had they pictured this yoyo rather than the dark Army green, I wouldn’t have bought it.


Honestly, those pictures look almost the same to me. All in all i think its a pretty cool color.


I hope I grow to like the color. It plays great! I may end up just re-boxing it, selling/trading it and buying a better color.


Retail of $10 means they’re designing, machining, anodizing, assembling, and packaging for what I would guess is somewhere in the ballpark of $5. Just a guess, but at that price point QC will suffer and pictures will not be updated for every run that is slightly off color.


Thanks for that information Garrett, it makes a lot of sense and it is most likely what happened to me here. Oh well… If I knew I could get that dark Army green I might take another shot at it but maybe next time I’ll pick a safer color.


Yeah, not a bad idea, greens/yellows tend to be harder to picture completely accurately. Go with a blue or red if you aren’t sure. Also - I can vouch for all the picture colors on YoYoExpert being pretty darn accurate since I take them for every yo-yo we get in. :grin: