YoyoFactory Primo Green acid wash


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The deep green on the left just speaks to me!


I was digging the left one too, it really “pops” with more yellow. I almost bought one of these yo-yos during the 20% off YYF sale. Someone beat me to the last one. Ugh, it was just not meant to be. But, I see them in stock elsewhere, so there’s still hope. :slight_smile:



It’s like a color-shifted freeze-frame of petals being blown off of a flowering tree.

(Erik Kerber ) #5

I own that same color Primo.

Left I like the extra gold


I like more green on the right. The left makes me think of throw-up.


It looks to me like the camera auto-selected different “scenes” (exposure and colour settings) for each. The deeper green and more gold is partially an illusion.