Armament vs Puffin 2

As the title says, which is better. As i have said before, smooth, light, and fast throws are my preference. I started a thread like this, and everyone said to get the Sleipnir, but since i can’t find a Sleipnir I’ll probably get one of these two.

If anyone knows where i can get a Sleipnir or where there releasing soon, please pm me.

Well, I suppose I am starting to sound like a broken record around here, but I am loving my Armament. More accurately, Armaments. At the risk of being labelled a complete YYWS “fanboi”, I will admit that I currently have two Armaments and I have a third on the way (I know, I know…it’s a sickness!). I am just so taken with the Armament that I know I will be throwing it for a long time to come. Since starting to throw the Armament a couple of weeks ago I have already noticed a vast increase in the speed of my play, thanks entirely to how light and zippy it is.

But of course, that is just me, and bear in mind I have never tried the Puffin 2.

If it comes down to a vote of the community you will probably be going with the Puffin 2 because I have a feeling a lot more people have tried and liked it than people throwing the Armament. And given CLYW’s reputation you probably can’t go wrong.

Personally I will be sticking with the Armament, for whatever my entirely subjective opinion is worth ;D

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I guess i’m getting an Armament.

Well I hope you like it, otherwise I am going to feel like a complete tool :smiley:

Really though, the Armament is great and it sounds like the Puffin 2 is also great, so chances are that either way you will get a great throw!