Ares Star

So I recently received a pink kill everyone Ares Star by Auldey. For those of you who do not know about this yoyo this is what Marcus Koh used to come in 2nd at 2012 worlds.

The Review Section
weight 68.2 g
width 44.16 mm
diameter 58.44 mm

This yoyo is completely different then anything I’ve thrown in the past whether it be Japanese, American, or any other countries throws. Its smooth, stable, and surprisingly light feeling at least when your throwing it. The Ares Star is probably the best competition you I’ve ever thrown. It beats out the Sleipnir, Angle, Superstar, and everything else I’ve owned. Don’t even get me started on horizontal with this beast, I thought the Sleipnir was good but this is on a different level. Even though it is a magnificent yoyo it is just boring to throw. Its like a completely neutral yoyo in every way. Not much more to say about it other than its also easy to matador this yoyo.

If your super technical and compete a lot get this yoyo its perfect for you. It feels light, is great at horizontal, and can spin forever. Its also not bad at grinding which is always a plus.

Side Note
The coating is smooth almost like it was lightly blasted. The ano glistens and the laser engravings look crisp and clear. Also even though its spec make it look big it fits really nicely in the hand, and doesn’t feel as large when its gliding across the string.

pics will be coming soon
grammer natzees are welcome toooo

He used the positron to win worlds

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dang saw the kill everybody shirt and pink yoyo and just assumed

He WON worlds with the Positron.
He got 2nd with the Ares Star.

He WON worlds with his skill.
He got second with his skill.
Yo-yo’s don’t make the skill.
Skill makes the skill.

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You said it’s both fun and boring in your review so which is it?

matadoring the yoyo is fun but just normal play is kind of boring and plain

Nice review, but I think it can be more informational than this.

Good read though.