Are Youtube videos still worthy?

@MaximShoots first of all congrats for your channel, I discovered it today and the edits are absolutely stunning, please keep going with them, as I wrote some post up, the one with Adrian Velez is a pure joy for the eyes!

In my case:
I am not trying to be a sort of “yoyo star” I just would love to do and try to do some nice things mostly also to demonstrate to the me of the past that having the right equipment I can create something nice (doing my videos years ago I had an horrible cheap camera and a free software to try to edit the videos and also an horrible computer but still it was much fun).
About engagement and stuff I do experience it with music and I am inside that world a lot, so pretty much I know how it goes and where to hit to get exposure and similar (and in this case youtube is pretty much useless nowadays except if you upload a very great and original music video) but with yoyo I would be happy to share it here and have advices and fun and new tricks with people.

In general:
I always find weird (yoyo and non yoyo related) how much a “good job” (in terms of editing and skills) is less recognised compared to a short little trick video shoot in a bedroom (but that’s also the chosen platform fault).
I can see how youtube channels (even yoyo ones) dropped drastically their views from some years, I wonder what happened or if it’s just changed the way people enjoy content.

In the other side I can say that this new way to approach content help everyone that doesn’t have the knowledge/gear to share anyway their tricks which is cool, if I think about me 10 years ago, I can just take my phone and record a trick and post on Instagram/Tiktok and will be fine, it takes it out the joy and the discovering of how to create a video but not everyone is interested in that.

I have to say that this post is slowly changing my general opinion :laughing:
I would say that in my particular case I would prefer to learn and do nice edits with background, music and everything but is very cool that a lot of people can just take their phones and share their work in a more simple way


Thanks for checking it out and I’m glad it brought you some enjoyment to your day!

In terms of what happened to “yoyo YouTube”, I feel like it can be summed up by a the natural pendulum swing of the community.

Right now we are kinda in a lull after a dead season of in person contests/meet ups, and a lot of folks who were once making content are less focused on doing so. Either because “the reward” no longer pays off for the effort put in, a loss of interest over time, or they transitioned to posting on other platforms.

There also might be a community aspect that is at fault as well. In order to revive edits and long form content, the creators that make them need the support/hype of other community members. Sharing, commenting and interacting make it’s fun for those making the content as much as those viewing it (hopefully).

Making productions like Defynit/spinkult does, or the Mowl videos, the reality is that it’s not usually the most sustainable thing to do/make happen. Players on teams are often spread out, not everyone can afford to hire media and not all players have the newest phone (yes phone cameras these days can be more than enough), or a fancy camera/framing know how, to make edits more common.

But with that topic covered :rofl:

Dive in head first! Luckily used camera gear is plenty and phones are only getting better. Give us more yoyo content!


Go for it, do some edits, post them on YouTube and share them here and on fb, we want less ephemeral content and more good youtube edits and trick videos!!!
and, if you want to see some of my work:


@ChrysaeThrows is being modest…
Here’s a link to one of the best yoyo videos ever! Love this and want more like it!


OMG thanks Mike


Poking my head back in forums to see how everyone’s doing on Thanksgiving. Hope the forum dudes are having a good holiday.

To the subject at hand: I don’t think it’s quite fair to but the Instagram trick circle scene in the same basket as TikTok.

I know many of the forum crowd will be tempted to do so, as they both seem like something that “those younger DNA Spinning, meta combo loving, spastic Godspeed throwing, kids post on”. Definitely more of a focus on throwing than collecting.

But hear me out. I totally get that TikTok can get a little hard to watch. No denying that. I find it a little over acted and repetitive, so I don’t have one. (But I do respect people like Brandon Vu and Angel2Up who do, because they have brought in more people the hobby than probably anyone else. It just couldn’t be me.)

But I don’t think Instagram is the same. Just look up #trickcircle , and you’ll see dozens of people posting tricks with no music, DNA, or Godspeed. Just people exchanging ideas, presenting what they’ve been working on, and helping others learn. Honestly, if you’re in to actually throwing at all, Instagram is where it’s at in my opinion. In the past, I’ve frequently observed that most of the people on the forums who used to care more about throwing than collecting have migrated to Instagram, and I still think this is the case.

True, there are still people who post DNA TikTok videos on Instagram, but they’re the exception to be honest. And they’re pretty easy to avoid.

Anyway, just my two cents. Totally get not wanting to be on TikTok. But don’t dismiss the #trickcircle community on Instagram offhand.
It’s a pretty cool spot in my opinion.

As far as YouTube, I do still see some of those more artistic efforts as well. Maybe not as common as they used to be, but still out there. I tried to make one last spring. I’m not a very good editor, but hey, I tried.

Have a good one!


This is incredible! Well done @ChrysaeThrows. Thank you for posting @AKYOYOMIKE.


Totally agree on that. #trickcircle on instagram is still one of my greatest source of inspiration.


I agree whole-heartedly with you. @ChrysaeThrows shows real artistry there, not just in terms of the yoyo play, but also in the conceptualization, execution, and production of that video.

Longer form videos offer opportunities to showcase creativity that you just can’t achieve in 10-30 seconds. That’s not to say you can’t be creative with a TikTok video, but the constraints of the platform really limit what you can do, and that disincentivises most folks from pushing the creativity envelope there. It yields a standard of mediocrity that becomes the accepted norm, setting viewer expectations accordingly, which in turn discourages substantive creative effort. You end up with a feedback loop that pushes the platform’s content into a proverbial race to the bottom.


I dont disagree that long form contents length can be more creative just due to time constraints, but there is still a lot of room for creativity in short form content. Check this reel from @MaximShoots that was posted yesterday:

Edition shared a post on Instagram: "The Last and New Season of Vanitas
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[Edition on Instagram: "The Last and New Season of Vanitas . . . #c3yoyodesign #vanitas #trickcircle #bangers #skilltoys #yoyo #yoyonews #returntop #throwoftheday #rthrowers"](The post)

Also for a lot of yoyoers the creativity is in the trick itself, so if the trick is really cool thats good content for them, especially if they’re busy. Some people just want to watch their favorite players do cool tricks. I do wish some people had better camera angles tho lol, sometimes myself included.

There are a lot of situations where short form content just isnt great but when it comes to yoyoing i think the potential for good short form content is really high, you can just film one trick really well with good lighting and camera work and it looks sick

Edit: link was not working


I agree that the “quick hit” form of consumption which shapes social media content unquestionably appeals to today’s youth, who are growing up on that as the norm for what passes as entertainment to them. As such, IG and TT are ideal for delivering what they want.

But I feel that social media content is utterly disposable by its very nature. Consumed and forgotten in seconds. Quality YouTube content, on the other hand, has a considerably longer shelf life. It remains available and discoverable for years, and if I was going to put effort into making good videos on any subject–even yoyo tricks–I’d become disenchanted really quickly if my hard work only ever connected with viewers for a brief moment and then disappeared into the attention-challenged aether.

Dedicated social media creators frequently discuss the problems they run into with burn-out and the demoralizing effect of having to keep up with the dizzying pace of consumption. I’ve seen many of them question if it’s worth it, and some of them bow out and find more rewarding avenues for their creative impulses. I can’t really say I blame them.


Thanks a lot for this post, this was one of the thought I wanted to try to say but not able to.
It’s ok to post trick circles, tik toks or wherever it comes to mind but I think we “need” also something more “permanent”, people sometimes look still at yoyo videos of 10 years ago (same thing happen with any other sport) while on socials everything get consumed and forgotten at the moment and then lost in the ocean of post, is also sometimes hard to find the same post (scrolling can happen that you forget the name of the account, you do not save it ecc ecc) and find keyword to find that video is basically impossible (it happened to me couple of times).
That’s why I think that all those sharing platform should and must exist but I just maybe would love to see more people take care of full edits and honestly it doesn’t even need to be an Hollywood production.

About the forum, I subscribe because I think the forum is much better than thousand facebook groups and wherever type of social, in a forum all the “thoughts” stay there nice and related and tidy, there is a real community of people that slowly know each others and is in itself a little world, it made me so sad when the forum started to disappear and become obsolete, facebook group are not the same things at all and everything is all over the place.

Also in all your opinion why did we slide slowly out in this situation? Is about laziness of edit a full videos or just socials changed the way to share?

also @ChrysaeThrows are you Italian? Sorry from the accent it seems like!


Yes I am!!


Grande piacere di conoscerti e di trovare un connazionale qui! Io stavo nel forum Yoyomaniacs anni fa

For all:
(Amazing, nice to meet you! I was in Yoyomaniacs forum years ago)


Well after looking over my own post I realized that it was a disjointed mess sorry about this. I hope this fixes the flow and helps me convey the point I was attempting to make in the first place.

Social media is YT really worth posting on vs. IG? Overall I believe the answer to that question is yes it is. Each SM platform has at least some merit. (Yes when I say some I’m taking a lil jab at TT lol) IG, FB, & TT all have a sort of gambling vibe IMO. They’re formatted to get you on there, then the algorithm is set up in such a way to keep you on and scrolling all to get some sort of emotional reaction. The younger gens tend to really get sucked in b/c they live almost purely on instant gratification so they’ll spend hours upon hours just scrolling attempting to get that lil hit of an emotional high that they so crave. At least that’s what I’ve noticed w/ a large majority of my own gen as well as the younger ones.

YT on the other hand a lot of times have much longer forms of content which reals consumers in by offering quality over quantity. Still it has that nasty little habit of pulling people in for hours and “going down the YT rabbit hole”. I personally find I look for much more informative information on the YT platform. I want to start working on a new trick? If Yotricks isn’t getting me there I’ll switch over to YT to find a new tutorial to look at. I find a lot of time for myself. That is that YT is a place where I like to personally consume reviews, tutorials (of various nature), and then the weird stuff almost everyone likes. I don’t mind watching a 2-3 minute videos on YT, but I’d prefer something more along the 10-20 minute range for my content there.

All that being said it’s a pretty decent idea at least IMO to post in both places IG, as well as YT. Clip a super awesome snippet from your longer YT vid then post that over to IG w/ a link to the full vid on YT. (If that’s even a thing honestly idk I don’t SM very well lol) that way you can attempt to hit both types of content consumers: the ones there for that lil bit of a emotional high, and those looking for something that enjoy sitting there and “savoring” their SM content or might even be looking for a new hobby.


My two cents.

Getting into yoyo recently, with young kids that are starting their journey, finding conent is difficult.

I think there should be a focus in the Video title that makes it easier to find.

“Yoyo” for example - does not even bring most of the content up. There is a lot of content that is useful, but does not contain this “Key Word”.

You have to know the secret passwords; Yoyo Names, Trick Names, etc. To find what you are looking for.

From a beginners stand point there are a couple that pop up consistently, but there is other amazing content that is just hard to find.

At my stage, its not about “the yoyo”, but the information that cause the epiphanies; String type, tension and torrsion understanding (My latest epiphany) do relieve frustration. The tidbits that are naturally occuring for most, but I havent figured out.

I also like the reviews that provide style information. This is Competative yoyo, this is a casual yoyo, this yoyo would be optimal for “fill in the blank”. This type of information really helps. Not = Its a good yoyo.

When we want to point out something historically interesting it’s always YouTube. The playlists and options make it a much more substantial medium to post and archive.

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Another thing I wanted to bring up was how great kendama media/content is right now. There seems to be a strong and organic push happening from players, retailers, brands etc to put out top tier quality content that extends not only to the veteran players but also supports new players coming in.

It’s been cool to watch from an outsiders perspective and I always end up drawing inspo from kendama edits.

“What spurs the excitement / push around dama but not yoyo” is generally what I end up asking myself.


Shameless plug here. YouTube has tons of value for fun stuff like this.


Absolutely, I generally do not like Kendama or play it (just not for me) but I do love the videos they do, them are always shot greatly and with good ideas, I noticed that in Kendama they really take care of those things and I like it, I seen some old video of Guy Wright with the pill, I do really love everything this guy does, always great style!

@Pun1sh3R as you are saying Cody and I literally agree with you, what I find hard is to find the content in a nice way and this is not only for videos but also for info, that’s why I love the forum, in here every information “make sense” how it is stored and is easier to get help while in Facebook groups for example old discussions get lost easily, there are no sections to recognise what/where you are looking for, I do think still forums make sense in 2022

@Fun_Dad69 I see your video in the other section and I really appreciated it :slight_smile: