Are plutonium and ammo the same length?

Just as the title says


Let me check my YYSL sampler pack!

I got 4 out, two ammo, two plutonium. The plutionium is (surprisingly) a tiny bit longer in both samples. About 1/2 inch longer, not a huge difference?

Thank you! I just got plutonium and it’s great

I took 424 samples of each down to my shop.

After setting up substantial color corrected lighting; I subjected every single string to critical inspection under an electron microscope.

Using a nominal parameter for potential deflection; I arrived at an astounding conclusion.

The Plutonium strings were consistantly 1/256th of an inch longer at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 53.5.% relative humidity with a 5mph onshore breeze.

My findings are Extremely accurate but could be off by a few inches or more🤓


After a good stretch (which simulates where they would be after a few throws) I laid them straight on my desk, and I get:
Ammo = 48.5 inches
Plutonium = 50 inches

This was at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, to help identify which was which, I selected two different color strings, so I was nowhere near the precision that @yoyodoc was using.


Are you actually serious?

Why does temperature affect length?
“The length of an object is one of the more obvious things that depends on temperature. When something is heated or cooled, its length changes by an amount proportional to the original length and the change in temperature: The coefficient of linear expansion depends only on the material an object is made from.”


No…I was not serious🤔

And I am seriously hoping that you didn’t for even a second; think I was even being remotely serious.

I know; yes I know; it is an extremely rare happening. But as difficult as it may be to believe; I have been known to clown around and state things that are not quite accurate.



Ok good :sweat_smile:

Does anyone know if ammo or plutonium is thicker?

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Ammo is thicker.


your experiment is genius! however, a more consistent testing temperature, such as used in laboratory applications for testing BOD (20 C), room temperature, etc. would make the results simpler to be retestable for accuracy…

@yoyodoc industries, bringing the yoyo world to its scientific knees :nerd_face::face_with_monocle:

EDIT: upon further investigation the humidity was misread as temperature. my apologies to @yoyodoc industries for this oversight.

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I think i’m butting in things I can’t understand… Doesn’t your website state they come at 51" stretchable to 54"?

That’s the measurement I get while stretched.

Let me get this striaght.

You stretch them, and then set them down in a specific environment and the measurements you get are
ammo 48.5
plutonium 50

But while you are pulling the string (stretching it) you get the following measurements:
ammo = 54 {51? before stretching, but while being stretched}
plutonium = 54 {after stretching, but while being stretched}

Is that right?