Are Hectics siliconable?


I have a friend’s Hectic and the pads wore out so I said I’d try siliconing it. He got it for 2009 Christmas. So figured I’d ask you guys before I did anything to it.


yes it is but it’s not that deep i think it doesn’t work as well as a pad because it isn’t meant for it

(JosephP) #3

is it a large bearing or small bearing?


Both large and small bearing Hectics are siliconable. I have the small bearing version and it is siliconed and it works just fine. In fact I like it better than the Kentaro Pads it comes with.


Don’t they come with K-pads? The white kinds?

yeah, they are siliconable.


yep, I think it should work

by the way is siliconable even a word?


Nope. But it works :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chris Allen) #8

I siliconed mine. Works just fine