Are floaty yoyos better suited to someone who has a "poppy" kind of play style?


I’m just wondering if floaty yoyos or solid yoyos are better for someone who has a play style that incorporates a lot of pops. Their style I would say most resembles Gentry Stein’s play style.


Well, basically, the answer is embedded in your question, lol.

One of the best ways to get your answer is to simply look at what Gentry uses when he: practices, plays and wins Yoyo Contests with. > A 45 buck Shutter.

If you have a style similar to Gentry, or you want to emulate his style; then a Shutter is a good bet.

Since solid and/ or floaty, in a Yoyo, seem to vary depending on who you are talking to; it is not always a great way to understand the actual feel of a Yoyo you may have never tried.

To me, the Shutter has a good balance of: solid without feeling like a rock on a rope and a noticeable degree of float and stability.

…so, if you think a Shutter is Floaty; than it must be the right type of Yoyo for the ‘poppy style of play’.

And if think a Shutter is better described as a ‘solid’ Yoyo; then it would again be the right kind of Yoyo.

If that sounded somewhat confusing; just think of it this way <> the best Yoyo suited to Gentrys’ style of play; is most likely the Yoyo he throws for the ‘Win’.

Good starting point.

(rizkiyoist) #3

“Poppy” style can actually be done in basically every yoyo you usually use. Maybe if you’re into grinds certain yoyos do a lot better than the others, but Gentry-like style doesn’t require specific yoyos.
I’d recommend finding your own style though… originality will go a long way.