Are booms generational?

The major upswings in yoyos happened in ~30 year increments. Late 20s/early 30s with Flores, mid-60s, and late 90s. Think we’ll see another in 10 or so years?

It seems like each time had something new associated with it. They were brand new when Pedro Flores introduced them to America. In the mid-60s, could an influx of television commercials have been the cause? And surely the advent of personal computers on a wide scale helped blow yoyos up in the 90s. What’ll it take next time?


Next influence will be a Youtuber.

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Evan Nagao isn’t that big of a YouTuber is he?..


I guess you can see who I think will take it into another boom.

@yofanatic05 Evan Nagao is a rising star. Tell him he’s not good enough and he will prove you wrong.

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Sorry, I wasn’t trying to say he isn’t good enough. I was sayin’ that Evan would be more likely to use reddit than Youtube to start a new boom :slightly_smiling_face: