Top Ten Innovations That Changed Yo-Yoing

Trying something different this week. Instead of a review (don’t worry, I am still doing reviews, lots are lined up) I am doing an article. The target for this article is both new yo-yoers, and people who still think that all yo-yo’s are like their childhood Duncan Imperial.
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How did we go from this:

To this:

The yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world with a documented history that dates back to 500bc. To a novice eye, the yo-yo has changed very little. Two discs and a string, what’s to change? To Yo-Yo professionals and enthusiasts such as myself, that statement could not be further from the truth. A Lot has changed. This is not your daddy’s yo-yo. present the “Top Ten Innovations That Changed Yo-Yoing”

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Awesome article as usual ;D

I read it all and it amazing!

This article is really great. The thing one should find out from reading this article, is not how much the yoyo have changed, but the changes that might happen in the future. We think that yoyos have changed a lot, but it will change even more, and it’s already happening.

Yeah, but we cant predict the future changes.

We can guess:

I think future yoyos will be cool.


Good Article; not many people notice those changes, mostly kids that are not yo-yoers. Adults can see waht your holding if you’re doing hubstack tricks and other stuff. Kids just see a yo-yo as a toy for people with no life, in their opinion that is when in reality the yo-yo is going to be the thing that will make us rich in the future. Then we shall laugh as they work for us.


Yeah man really loved the article. I really love reading about the history of the sport that I love so much. I remember when the brain came out in the 90’s, if you had one you were so cool.
tickle it

man i wish i can go back in time to the 90s with a catch22 and show off new school tricks

they’re gonna be like “WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

but yeah awesom article
also nice knowing u help ur daughter colour ponies :smiley:

AWESOME article! but then again i wasn’t expecting anything less! iv read it twice! even my girlfriend who aint all that big of a fan found it interesting! lol

Good point, if we brought yo-yos from today to the 90’s then we will have better high tech yo-yo’s today. Also the alteration of the past that way will encourage many people to start yo-yoing.

Actually, the biggest yoyo boom happened in the 90s :slight_smile:

Ahh, that means the next big boom happens in 2010 or 2012. Besides, I don’t think much will happen before the 2012 legend.

How do you figure that?

Do you mean Big Bang in space?(way beyond than universe)

Happy Throwing! =]

No, he means yoyo boom. Where yoyos get really popular.

um, ok…never heeard of it.

Happy Throwing! =]

Well to all of you guys talking about yoyo booms, in my area yoyos got a huge boom as my whole school was full of yoyos,speedrs were to start with then the DMs then axioms then finnally the high end 888s were bought,now sadly our principal has banned them.