A Boom's A Comin'

We all hear that another yo-yo boom is set to come soon. As we all know how the 90’s went I want to ask you guys what the modern boom will be like? My thought will be cities that only have one or two throwers will get a substantial amount more. It will go from 2- maybe 25 or something and stores will be carrying more Duncan and possible other brands. Those who ridiculed us though, unfortunately, will suddenly get a lot of praise just by learning Walk the Dog or Baby Cradle and we will be forgotten as the people that stuck with it even when it wasn’t cool.

Give me your opinions!

I would like to teach someone what I know, pass the knowledge down and whatnot… Right now I only know 1 other decent thrower @ my school, and 1 beginner, maybe there’s more.

what did happen in the 90s ???

Duncan Happened.

Do you yoyo for a status, or because you enjoy it? If you yoyo because you enjoy it, then it won’t matter to you how you are viewed.

Duncan was pretty MIA during the late 90s boom. Yomega/Bandai/HPK Marketing were the main drivers.

I’d love to see yoyoing have a come-back. It’s always nice seeing other yoyoers, or even just when people compliment you on your yoyoing. Such a great feeling. :smiley:

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