Are bimetals a fad?

I think bi-metals are a good thing. That’s not the question at hand. I like to share my opinions though.

Good things are like bi-metals. They do no wrong. ;p

You could get one with a steel rings Inside like Yoyofactory vkss for example.

Bimetal shout

I think “bi-metal all the things!!” will go away, leaving it as just another design option as yoyodoc has previously described.

I have single-aluminum yoyos that I have preferred over every bi-metal that I’ve tried thus far (going to see if the Pulsefire SS changes that!) so it’s not like it’s a forgotten or useless design option. It’ll continue (and it’ll continue to be more cost-effective).

skitrz: trolling indeed. :wink: Tell you what-- I was hucking my only yoyo with a flat bearing last night. Looked away from a trick (with the yoyo just hanging there) to talk to my wife for a moment. Went back to continue the trick and it had precessed 90 degrees!!! Precession is a thing, and it happens! Even without the “hanging there” factor. So not exactly a placebo…


I could just turn my body to match, or bind back and start all over again (I did the latter). :wink: It’s not like I was performing for an audience…

I say yes.
Bi-metal yoyos have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that many companies decided to make one ex. Yoyofactory, One Drop, and CLYW (mentioned in their ask fm a while back).

Of course Bi-Metals are a fad. All of this silly design experimentation will eventually come full-circle.

Good old 6061 with an organic shape is where its at. Lighter than 64g, no bigger than 54mm; some sweet splashed-anodizing with a cool nameway - yeah; that’s the ticket.

Or wood. Yeah wood. Wood is just the bees knees you know… ::slight_smile:

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Play Simply :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhhhh… Trying to keep that on the hush.

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my main competition throw is the YYF Space Cowboy (gacek edition), a bi-metal version of the supernova 2013.

i have both and the space cowboy does spin noticeably longer, which i need because every time i make a combo nowadays, it exceeds 10-15 seconds (usually). so naturally to make and perform these tricks and still be able to bind im going to need the longer spinning of the two. (HOWEVER both are amazingly good yoyos, no hate for either of them at all ;))

really its all a matter of if you are willing to spend a bit of extra money.

but as far as the original question goes, i would say no. (at least not yet, and if it becomes the only thing that is released for over 6 months at any given time i will be dissapointed)

Once something has been part of the industry for 17 years can you really call it a “fad”? Or does it just look like a fad to people who haven’t been around long enough to realize how many bi-metal yoyos have been made?


lots and lots of bimetals

This speaks volumes on this topic. Although some companies have been producing bi-metal and plastic-metal hybrids for as long as you say; it is only recently that the popularity has taken-off.

That is because new, innovative manufacturers have begun to design using formats that other companies presumably owned. These new, innovative designs have far out-performed the few examples that have preceded them.

That is the true innovation. It is not about “bi-metal”; it is about designing a good bi-metal. One that incorporates the weight placement that only multiple materials can give, along with speed and agility that comes from lightweight design, combined with superior weight placement that creates superior performance from said design.

In short: the bi-metal and plastic-metal hybrids that preceded the Draupnir; were so poorly designed that they failed to deliver on the promise of the technology. Seriously, you cannot even compare a bi-metal Phenom with a Draupnir. The Triad completely outperforms the Speeder2 and the Phenominizm. Yeah they are both bi-material; but the similarities end there.

The failure of these early designs to deliver the performance of modern bi-metal and plastic-metal yo-yo’s is the REAL story here.

what did i do

Know what is real?



Hey Steve, what was the first bimetal yo-yo?

I’m not Steve, but I believe it was HSpin’s handquake.

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I believe that’s correct.

That info is also in the first page of this thread.

Can a Hoax be real or just Hype and a Fad?

I forgot that the HQ 1.4 was an aluminum body. When I hear Handquake I always think go the crazy 1.5 model with the carbon fiber body.

Considering the post with the “info” was posed as

it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility to assume that you did not know for sure since it appears as though you are questioning yourself… so I asked an expert. If you had posted with some certainty, or at least a link that corroborated your statement I would not have questioned the validity of it.