Are bigger Kendamas "cheating"?

I have a KROM Viking Kendama and its slightly larger than your normal kendama. When I use it to land tricks and do combos, is it bad to use a bigger kendama? Like if I took it to a competition, would I be allowed to use it or no because its not normal sized.

I don’t have a ton of background knowledge on it myself but I do belive that in order for you to be able to use it at a competition it needs to be standard size and JKA approved.

I don’t think it’s bad to use a larger kendama at all, definitely not considered cheating but it probably won’t be allowed at a contest.

The larger size can be really helpful for learning and mastering new tricks, but once you get it on the larger kendama I would recommend moving to the standard size to perfect the tricks.

speaking of larger kendamas, i just copped myself a Krom Viking (zebra stripe) and an Ozora Taiyo so I’m pretty excited to lace some tricks on the big boys hahaha

As someone that has no interest in competitive play, I have no qualms with playing with an oversized kendama most of the time. I tend to make the brash assumption that anyone considering playing an oversized kendama cheating likely just doesn’t want you to actually have fun with your toys.

I’m still learning kendama and have a Sweets “Biggie”. It is actually quite larger than I’d be used to and much heavier. I feel like that this one is good for practice as I almost feel like it’s physics are in slow motion. I don’t do competitive play, just strictly hobby purposes so no beef with unconventional sizes with me!

Yup. You can only use a select few kendamas at contests.

It isnt cheating because theres no game for it to be cheating at. I think bigger kendamas are great for practicing tricks that you cant land on a smaller kendama.

Theres such a thing as cheating at kendama?! :o

yeah i mean it’s considered “cheating” if the ken touches your hand when you’re doing balance tricks (lighthouse, lunar, etc)

its not cheating add all you are smart, i have a alex smith pro model in the beginning with the stickypaint it also felt like cheating But atm i,m improving so fast, and its legit!

Yeah but who has the authority to tell you that you are playing a kendama wrong and that it is cheating?
I think that to fully play and enjoy kendama you have to play your own way and not let people tell you that you are cheating by using tacky paint or a big kendama and break the boundaries of what is capable in kendama and this also can be used in yoyoing to. But the point is that no one has the authority to tell you that you are cheating or playing with a toy like a yoyo or a kendama wrong.

of course. if you look at the first post (OP’s post), he says “if I took it to a competition, would I be allowed…” No one can tell you how to enjoy kendama in your own bedroom but of course there are some rules in official events.

If the ball size to cup size ratio is the same as one small one, there should be no “cheating” involved.

Plus, there are no rules right? Those kendamas are made to be played.

The one who decides if it’s cheating is your self feeling of accomplishment, because one of the things that makes kendamas interesting is the feeling when you challenge yourself within your own rule and you hit it. So if you do “cheat” but you feel, “Well I’m happy I did the trick regardless” then power to you… though I would guess you will still have that guilt feeling inside.
If bigger kendamas “easier”, then you can do harder tricks and in the end it’s still difficult enough right?