Anyone tried Bahama Kendama?

I didn’t see a thread where they’ve been mentioned so I was curious how they played.

They’re legit. Their “rubber coated” tamas are the exact same finish as on the KUSA matte tamas.

bought one at worlds its great after i got home and sanded the stick a lil so the cups could be more centered and it would sit more balanced now its great im happy with it :slight_smile:

I may look into them.

Its kind of a knock off brand… I would stick to JKA or BKA Certified Kendamas in general. As for rubber its somewhat shunned upon in the kendama community. Just to clarify I believe the KenUSA 2013 Promodels are not rubber even though they look and feel like it.

They’re identical to the Bahama rubberized ones, like I said. I played them back to back at MER. It was a “hey, wait a second” kind of moment.

I own a JKA certified and KUSA models as well as Bahama Kendama. I stand by my previous statement. They are quality kendamas sold by a reputable retailer.

I wouldn’t say rubber/matte finishes are shunned. That’s kind of strong. I think it’s more accurate to say they’re accepted mainly as learning tools but purists will not call your tricks legit if you’re using anything other than a JKA or BKA certified kendama.

I know it’s off topic, but, I kind of think calling grippy tamas cheating is like calling bearings cheating in yoyo. It’s a tool that will expand the trick vocabulary. Where’s the problem in that?

We are legit.

We’ve had other companies rip us off. But now we are printing tamas personally so that they don’t get ripped off at the factory.

We sponsored wyyc and it was a total blast! We had a ton of fun with everybody. And the Kendama contest was fun to run with Dan Dietz! That dude is awesome.

Anyone want to bring any questions to me I’m happy to answer. Ill post a photo later on of the tamas I printed today.

Rubber isn’t cheating- it’s all in the name of fun. I’m feeling the bearing comparison.

Looking forward to seeing more!

I’ll get some uploaded ASAP!

Im on a different computer now but I did post one on the Bahama Kendama facebook page via my phone. Its pretty slick.

Im super exited about this process. We’ve had some really good success with it.

What tricks are people working on? Anything crazy?!

I did see the Facebook one and its freaking sweet! I’m working on a couple of new tricks. Not even sure if they have a name though…

I’ve got a Bahama Grand coming soon. Pretty stoked.

I saw those photos. Very cool stuff.