Are aluminum wood or plastic yoyos better


It just depends on what you like the most.

It’s kind of like asking, “Is pepperoni, cheese, or veggie pizza the best?”

Wood, of course.

There is only yoyo’s you like better, not better yoyos.

Wood is good.

Plastic is fantastic.

Aluminium… Hum…

Hard to rhyme?

Indeed. Got stuck and just gave up.

depends on what style you are doing or if your staritng out in yoyoing or not.

here is a little guide i created

wood- awesome for fixed axle, yoyo collecting, and learning the basics

plastic-great choice if your starting 5a or doing 5a in general because its obvious your going to drop the yoyo alot. good for beginning at 1a but not for advancing in because it can prohibit some tricks while others types of yoyos excel. this material of yoyos is generally good because most of the time these yoyos are cheap or not as expensive as some other types of yoyos.

metal- mainly used for 1a because of long spin times and smoothness of the yoyo some times used in 5a but you generally find really advanced players using metal yoyos in 5a because they have just gotten used to the style.

Agree 100%. Obviously the answer is “yes” to both questions.


Aluminum by fag


***by far sorry


Even though this isn’t true, this is the best I can come up with, with the help of

Aluminum keeps mistakes to a minimum?

tin is 10x better than all of those… So go get yourself a dollar tree yoyo :wink:

Are aluminum wood or plastic yoyos better? YES!

Generally, most people think “aluminum” or what most people just call metal is better. I personally like plastic a lot but i’ll admit metal can do the “best” tricks.

Depends on the yoyo. I like the way metal feels in my hand better.