Are all thin lubes created equally?

Adam said that if you apply too much of the thin lube that is sold on his site and your yo-yo becomes responsive, it’ll quickly become unresponsive after a short time of throwing it. I have a different brand thin lube and after throwing my yo-yos for a bit, they are still responsive. Have you experienced different results from different lubes? What’s your favorite lube and why? :slight_smile:

I have that lube in particular, and it does not “quickly become responsive” after you over lube it. Unless “quick” is defined as waiting a week before just cleaning it. There is not too much difference between the lubes. Just as long as you get a lube from a well known company (yyf, yotricks, OD, etc) and not from a sketchy company than you should be fine.

I got Gorillus Lubricus and it’s fine

Even the thickest of lube will eventually run unresponsive.
The short answer, too “are all thin lube created equal” is no. Not at all.
However they will all eventually brake down and run unresponsive. I have run bearing fully greased to unresponsive state of being.
You have three options. 1. Keep throwing your yoyo it will get there sooner or later. 2. clean the bearing apply less lube and run it till it is unresponsive. 3. clean the bearing add no lube, or put some on the tip of a needle and just touch each ball. I use very thin trumpet valve oil, Its the best lube I have found for yoyo’s. You can not get it branded for yoyo’s, and there are lots of valve oil’s, you are looking for the fastest playing oil you can find.

Do you use “Al Cass Valve Oil, 2.0 fluid Oz.”?

I use ultra pure - Professional Valve Oil.