arctic circle 2

why can’t i add anything to my cart there is no add button for the arctic circle two… yet?

Try again… it should be there, just checked!

just checked ! cool got the one i wanted! also is yoyo expert pretty good about making sure the box dosent get damaged?

Yeah, they’re pretty good. :wink:

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I’ve never had anything damaged and they have really good service :slight_smile:

99.9999% (plus 0.0001%) of my packages have been absolutely perfect.

cool! what are your guys favorite color ways?

I’m surprised Iceberg is one of the least popular color ways, I liked that one a lot. I would really hop onto buying it but I already spent 200 for pushing the button on a YYF Ti

Ouch. Why?

is there a specific reason this thing does not have delirium dive

Cause he wants a YYF Ti. lol

Iceberg is my favorite, and that’s the one I got