Archetypal Yoyos


What are some of the most standard or archetypal modern 1A yoyos you’ve used?

This interests me, because out of all my my yoyos, expensive, fancy , cheap, odd, plain, atypical or otherwise, I find it is these yoyos that I routinely reach for.

Tell me some of the yoyos you know of that are so archetypal that they appear restrained, unobtrusive or reserved. The kind of yoyos that appear with little fanfare, are rarely talked about and seemingly vanish from memory, yet, have such solid all-round performance and dependability that you would never dream of letting go of it and you still return to time and time again.

These kinds of yoyos people can often purchase readily for a steal on the BST section, because by the uninitiated or status driven buffoon, they are almost always classified as ‘boring’ or just not ‘premium’. I readily admit that there was a time when I was numbered among such folk.

You must think carefully before posting, because there are extremely few yoyos that qualify.

I will go first: the Yoyofactory Cypher.


General-Yo hatrick. Small and organic, which doesn’t seem to interest most people, but one heck of a player.


For me I think the one drop y factor meets your criteria. I actually bout it on the bst quite cheaply I thought. I didn’t know much a bout it, I just liked the specs, colour and overall look of it. Turned out to be a great playing throw that I always go back to.

(rizkiyoist) #4

Genesis or Superstar I guess.


I think the metal replay was kinda forgotten about fairly quickly. It is a great yoyo, but has been available readily on BST’s.

(InvaderDust) #6

IM sure ill catch some flak for this, but since my collection consists of 99% CLYW, i would say the Puffin2 gets the most play time from me out of the bunch. Just does it all, comfy, and the lack of fanfare makes me like it even more.


Couldn’t agree more with the Cypher and Hat Trick - I still throw both of those at least once a week!

I would add the Battosai to that list also. One of my favorite undersized yo-yos that I always see selling for like $30 on the BST.


How many of you still remember the YYF DNA?


TropicSpins Finch

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


people have already mentioned two that jump to mind: YYF Cypher and YYF DNA (I’ll add mutant DNA).

I would probably add Spin Dynamics first two yoyos, the Smooth Move and Monkey Fist. Both are small, but handle anything thrown at them with ease.


I would say without reservation or taking a poll, that at least 95 percent of everybody that has ever even registered on this Forum, has never used the word, ‘archetypal’.

Is there a word you would be willing to substitute, so that people might get a better grasp on what you are ever talking About?

Just curious🤔



A shining standard. One that embodies its kind so well that if you were to have only that yoyo, you wouldn’t need any other of its kind.

I would also say that at least 95% of people here have easy access to dictionaries, and I would encourage them to use one if they dont know what a word means.

I wouldn’t expect anything less of myself.


YYF Avant Garde. Just picked one up recently for a good price. I had never played one before and was blown away by it’s performance.

There are quite a few others.


How’s this for putting it more succinctly…


The Puffin 2 could very well be an archetypal yoyo, but I’m not sure because I’ve never thrown one.

However, as with just about every CLYW yoyo, I think it has a huge amount if fanfare, pretty much all from throwers waiting for it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t archetypal, though.

(InvaderDust) #16

I’m sure most would say the chief for clyw tho


First of all; I asked the OP if he could use a more common word that people might know already.

I discovered something about 40+ years ago when I began public speaking. Especially when giving a lecture an hour long or more.

One of my presentations, ‘Effective communication for Productive results’; contains a key point for ‘results’.

Do not speak over your audience. Do not use words they have to ‘figure out’. Every statement with a trick word; derails the effectiveness.

Because you have people trying to grasp your meaning and in doing so, fall behind whatever you say next.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a deep vocabulary. There is nothing wrong with having a whole playbook of uncommon, seldom used words.

The problem arises when you blend a seldom used word into a dialogue and listeners have to pull out a book to find out what the heck you said🤔

Speaking on a Forum complicates matters even more. Because you can’t see you audience. And you can’t really tell if they are ‘lost’.

Bottom line is simple <> It can be impressive to be the guy that knows what All the words mean. But you may not impress everybody when you use them.

The question I asked was a piece a cake. If the OP can come up with a word like archetypal; he should certainly be able to come up with more basic.

…And on another note; my asking the OP to come up with another word, has nothing to suggest that you quote text from the dictionary.

I am in no way insinuating that when we post, we are speaking to a crowd that can’t grasp anything over two syllables. But you can necro my: helpful hints, rants, speeches, life lessons; from my posts on this Forum during the last 5 years.

You will not find one word that make people reach for a Dictionary.

Some people might not like some things I say. But it’s not because they don’t immediately understand what I say.

And by the way John; you pulled a 100 and something word text from the Dictionary.

Succinct by definition means to say something in a ‘few words’.

Not pasting a definition from the ‘word-book’. :flushed:


Thanks, Doc.

There was, however, a reason why I used the word archetypal. It is a word that means exactly what I wanted to say. I tried to think of other words such as ‘standard’ but it just doesn’t quite cut it, that’s all.

That’s also the reason why I gave an extended explanation of what I meant in my original post; so people had a some idea regardless of whether they understood the word or not.


Point taken