Arch Veiw String-The Gate Way to Great Strings (updated)

Welcome to Arch View Strings
My strings are 100% poly string and are made at the time of your purchase so they are made custom just for you.

1 color: 5 strings-$2 10 strings- $3.50 15 strings- $5

2 color: 5 strings-$3 10 strings- $5 15 string- $7

3 color: 5 strings-$4 10 strings- $6.50 15 strings- $8

4 color: 5 strings- $5 10 strings- $8 15 strings- $10

(if you would like more than 15 strings just leave me a pm of what you want and i will give you the price)

At this time i only accept PayPal
To order PM me and tell me what you want i will make then i will tell you to send me the money and then you will get your product :slight_smile:

Send all money to this email on pay pal

Shipping costs
Here are the current colors for the string (more colors coming soon)
Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Green and black (black not shown)