SnakeSkinStrings String Sale!!!

Hey all,

Right now we are offering a new special on all our strings  :o! with every order of 10 strings or more we will send you a free string featuring one of our new string colors. So you get 10 string PLUS 1 FREE! If there is a certain color you would like just send us an email after you make your order. If you do not have a color preference we will send you either “Sea grass” or “Autumn Rush”. We also have free shipping with every order! Our website

If you want a custom designed string either PM us or send us an email at you can choose up to four colors.

Our prices are 10 for 5.95 or 20 for 10.95 if you want a larger order than please let us know and we will send you the price.

Our colors are: Blue, Red, green, Lime green, Yellow, Pink, White, Black, Orange, Light blue, teal, and aqua.

Again the above colors are only for custom designed strings, and you must let us know what colors you would like. It does not matter how many colors you choose our prices differ by quantity.

One question, what are your strings made of?

I will most deffinitly be buying some probobly about ten but just wondering as well can you do color combo’s?


all our strings are 100% pollyester. You can choose a combination of any of the colors listed above (maximum four color combo). We have pre made custom strings on our website too. Just email us with your color choices. Here’s our website again.