*Grand Opening!* our new custom strings store SnakeSkinStrings

We are happy to annouce the opening of our new store SnakeSkinStrings where we will be selling custom strings of all colors at an affordable prices! You can check out our store at http://www.wix.com/xmankid94/StringsUmake?gu_id=907bad80-d65b-4767-a9a9-2e08d2595e79&partner_id=WMGs4POB1ko-a&wixComputerID=7lZlHUI%2BkMV9KYYoFjy%2F2ejdSYnz521d60LKQC8X4gj3e9TJqgAgstUTfbKVludCFtPygiDXDc where we are constantly adding new products. All our strings are made out of 100% polyester and they are type 8 strings. For a limited time only we offer free shipping! We will have a video on youtube showing our technique soon! We have a picture of all our colors on our website. Thanks and have a great day

If you don’t find what you want from our store shoot us an email at snakeskinstrings@gmail.com with up to four different colors and the quantity and we’ll make it for you! Shipping is only $1.95.

Our rates go by quantity not by number of colors.
5 strings - $2.50
10 strings - $5.00
20 strings - $10.00
50 strings - $25.00

We have a variety of colors too choose from including: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Lime green, Pink, Teal, Black, White, Orange

We usually ship in 24 hours unless we get a large order than it can be between 2-3 business days once payment is cleared.

If you have any questins email us at snakeskinstrings@gmail.com

its in bad taste to make these kinds of advertisement posts just to let you know

It is in the BST, so it is fine.

i stand corrected

these strings look fairly decent. but you might want to send a few strings to some people to test out, i would be willing to right a review for you if you were interested.

That is a good idea, No one is going to buy your stings if they:
A: Don’t know who you are
B: No one has tried them

Yes, we are currently trying to find some people to test our strings. We will be making a post on it in the near future. Thanks

I just bought some so i will let you know if i like it or not when it comes!

yah i would like to test out your strings ! ;D :slight_smile: 8)