Aquarius or Big Yo?

I have decided to go offstring instead of counter-weight. Now to choose my yo yo i have narrowed it down to Aquarius. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks Guys,
L@Z3r 8)

If you can find an Aquarius you think you’ll like it, then go for it. If not, the BigYo is also great and is easier to find.


Yeah, what Apetrunk said. You can easily find one in the B/S/T section. I found two post this morning. Jayyo and another guy. I am gonna do some offstring too, but I am going to wait for the new YYJ 4a yoyo to come out.

If you’re going to give your recommendation, please at least tell why. It all ends up being preference, so just saying your opinion without any reasoning does very little good. Thanks.

Well don’t forget that the aquarius is decommissioned.