april fools day video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BHo65lIUJ4 plz comment and rate

HOLY WHAAAA! :wink: lol thats so sick. did u do that all on april fool’s day?!?!?

Warning:has a bit of swearing.

I remember when you first came here. Now look at you. That was way awesome dude. Very smooth and clean. Keep it up!

yes it was on april fools day and thanks aptrunk

Looks like you are getting a lot better. Start trying more suicides and string rejections. Well done.

really good.

Cool stuff.

Nice, you’ve got a decent flow.


good stuff! loved the 5A elements!


Very well done, I liked the yoyoing as well as the editing and music.

Neat. Not very fast, but it’s more important to be smooth than fast so good job. The only complaint is that the lighting was rather dim and I had a hard time seeing the string.
Oh and what song was that?

the song is called you’re gonna go far kid by the offspring

next time i see u teach me those tricks

what yoyo was that and pm me the answer and nice done really smooth and good song it flows well