comments are appreciated

that was a sick vid!

UR FREAKIN INSANE! nice video ;D


Awesome vid, but on the jade whip, don’t wait so long for the string to go into the gap. Other than that, very cool! ;D

Great video, very smooth.
The whip was a partail failure though.
Keep working on it, i’m just messin with ya.

i no i messed up on the whip but i just woke up and didnt fell like retaping so if ya want to see me do better whip watck my rainy day vid.

Nice! Crazy smooth style. I like it =D

Nice Vid, Keep it up. I love your smooth style, you should do them a little quicker and combine the smooth with the quick and it would be like an explosion of awesome. lol.

that was sick personaly i like the failed whip it gives people a moment to see what your doing.very nice. :slight_smile:

this is a totaly sick vid

Love your style. It’s nice and smooth with nothing out of place.

I’m just KIDDING…
Nice video…