Appleton Anodizing, Thank You

My finished Vitality :slight_smile:


Very nice. Looks like it’s spinning when it’s standing still.

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Holy… That looks amazing!

Just wanted to throw something out there- This guy has never done yoyos ever before Josh contacted him. I think that makes it even more impressive

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I don’t know what Appleton Anodizing is but this yoyo is really impressive!

Might be his first yoyo but definitely looks like he knows what he’s doing!

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Whats amazing is, he learned how to do splashes I do believe last week.
My mind. is broken

Appleton is where they are located Florida I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong.


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Interesting. That’s a few hour away from me…

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Like I said Wisconsin.

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He had never really dabbled into splash ano, swirls, or anything like this until I started showing him some of Wong and Aurora’s stuff. He has mainly only ever done solids. I piqued his interests and his artistic side with the yoyo world. He has since amped up his skill tenfold since he first showed me a piece of scrap alum that he had splashed. This man has a truly intriguing and artistic mind, He will be doing the rest of my Vitality’s for their release :slight_smile:

I should point out, the ano design was not my idea. That came from the mind of a bona fide ano artist.

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That is nothing short of pure godliness.

This is quite possibly the very first multi-coloured ano I really like the look of. I can’t stand all these fancy ano jobs companies do these days - but this is true class. Trade…? hehe…

When will these be avail?

It’s a beauty!

It looks like a square wheels swirl on steroids.

may i ask how much it set you back?

Too much Mordo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, All of the Vitalitys, except for the 10 that were anodized by the gentleman who does the Artistry Series, will be anodized by A.A. LLC.
Jason was able to pick them up this last Friday, so I am hoping to have some done and ready to sell REALLY SOON!
I gave Jason a few guidelines, but mostly gave him artistic freedom on these production colorways, as the man is a genius and extremely artistic with his ano. So we’re ALL in for a surprise with what comes to fruition!

If anyone is in need of Anodizing, hit Jason up - He will be Busy Busy for a little while on the Vitalitys, So do not expect him to jump on your projects right away. We wanted to get some of his work out there and seen at PA states, so he was able to get one done rather quickly for Waylon. :slight_smile:

2 Places to get ahold of me in regards to the Vitalitys:


Post edited to remove reference to other stores and sales via the forum.

That looks amazing. Very, very nice.