Applepooh feedback

(Jason Bang) #1

Great buyer, sent the money as soon as we made a deal, and was very understanding throughout the entire situation. Will definitely deal with him again.



Great seller also. Bought a Wolf from him, fast shipping, packed well and exactly as he described.


(Rock Shouse) #3

Matt is a great person to deal with…the sent my package twice after I gave him my address by mistake with 1 digit off…so it was returned to him…dam if he didn’t resend it after reaching out to me for the correct addy! Now that is integrity guys!!! Deal with Matt with full confidence the deal will be done and done quickly and accurately! Boy that’s a mouth full!


(ClockMonsterLA) #4

Picked up a G2 Banshee from him and the transaction went super smooth. Thanks, dude!


(Hunter J Hughes) #5

Got a glitch wolf from him. He shipped quickly and packaged it perfectly in original g2 box, with the wolf just as described.



I can safely say you will have ZERO issues dealing with Applepooh.

We made a trade deal and I was torn between two yoyos he had to offer. I needed up choosing the cheaper of the two but had mentioned how I liked smaller yoyos and never tried this company before blah blah blah, I get the package yesterday and this kind gentleman sent me the yoyo we had made a deal on (in absolutely perfect condition) but as well the second yoyo that I was torn between!!! Nevebakdbanbdixnsna?!?! OMG!!! I freaked out man! What an absolutely selfless human being!! He also was kind enough to add in a bunch of zipline string and a nice Merry Christmas :heart:

This guy totally made my week as it’s been a shitty one for my family.

Cheers to Matt



Awesome seller, highly recommended. Bought a Top Deck and it was exactly as described. Super fast shipping.


(Goodnight Garrett) #8

Absolutely stand up guy. I bought a gauntlet from him and this dude had the audacity to send me a kraken along with it. How am i supposed to compete with that!? He also sent me 10 zip line strings. Best Christmas gift I could get, thank you @Applepooh



Free Kraken!!! That’s some next level stuff there!



Bought a very fancy yo-yo from Mr. Applepooh and not only did it arrive super quick, perfectly packed, and insured … he also threw in a bunch of fancy strings. A+++ WOULD BUY FROM AGAIN



I bought a couple of throws from Applepooh and everything arrived way faster than expected. The packaging was on point and the yoyos were secure. Everything was exactly as described and sent some string as well which is always appreciated. Overall great experience and would but from again!



Just Received My Throw From ApplePooh, and Everything Came Well Packed, He even Threw in a Full Pack of Zipline String! Excellent Communication also! Would Definitely Buy from Him Again!