Apology from 7darkjester7

Im sorry for the things i did in this B/S/T and all the arguments with all the Moderators and Traders also i am sorry for giving myself feedback truth is i want to earn your guys respect back and be a good B/S/T trader I did give myself feedback and i said horrible things to moderator but im done with that and i would like to start out fresh if i may i acted like the world was against me but truthfully i was against them i know that the good people of yoyoexpert are trying to keep it safe and i look Very fishy and my crappy past on here doesn’t help so instead of compromising i just blamed people for “Bagging” on me and i realize now that i was a very bad person here so if i may i would like to start out fresh and new and be a respected member of this forum thank you for listening this might sound cheesy but it is from the bottom of my black hole of a heart:D but please accept me as not a scammer or a faker but just a regular seller/trader im done with all of that now and i would like to be forgiven as i apologise to you thank you for reading this Sincerely 7darkjester7

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Hmm seems legit. Should we give this guy a second chance? I think we should, but it’s up to the almighty moderators who rule this world called the forums.

^^^ agreed let’s hope he’s being honest

not being mean or anything, but shouldn’t there have been about 20 more periods?

this is highly unnecessary and should not have even been stated. the fact of the matter is the meaning of what he wrote, not EXACTLY how he wrote it. i would assume it was on a whim. with that being said, don’t be a nit picky person about it. unless your doctor diagnosed you with some sort of OCD haha

i don’t know exactly what happened, but after this, actions speak louder then words. only time can tell, and the people willing to take chances with you and THEN vouch for you. Good luck on your journey of enlightenment :stuck_out_tongue: and just pray the Mods will let the first time be the warning.

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Willing to give the OP a second chance if he starts using periods in his posts. Deal? ^^


I think he deserves another chance,but he needs to know people are gonna be ify on trading or selling to you

I just had my second deal with him and he checks out with me.

I chuckled at this one. haha
This is stated friendlier then homie above. :stuck_out_tongue:
Same meaning, but different approach/choice of words.

I mean he’s just pointing out the obvious and isn’t offering nay judgment for not using periods. Not like jerk move or anything.

I hope this guy is sincere. Seemed to be imo.

I see what your saying. I just saw it as rude because it WAS obvious, so it didn’t need to be stated. Plus he didn’t even say anything having to do with what the thread was about. Just seemed like he was trolling to me is all.

The Lord always gives second chances. Who’s to say we can’t either. Let him have a second chance.

(BTW, am I the only one who read the posts and had no idea that there weren’t any periods until yuki said something about, and that was the second time it was brought up :P; I don’t really think it was that bad actually. At least he spelled and used correct grammar other than punctuation).

He’s already used up his second chance with me. He contacted 4 times about making a deal and refunded 2 payments because he didn’t get access to the money right away even though I explicitly told him I wasn’t willing to do a gift payment.

A gargantuan waste of time

No zorro I totally didn’t notice either :joy::joy: but give him a chance seems trustworthy…