AoE by Yoyofriends - Restock! - Available Tuesday 04/02/24 - 8pm ET!

YoYoFriends AoE returns in two vibrant translucent colors: Translucent Purple and Translucent Aqua/Yellow Fade!

Designed for both beginners and experts, it features a responsive setup with a short axle and slim bearing for basic tricks, or an unresponsive setup with a wide bearing for advanced string tricks.

Translucent-Purple-AoE Translucent-Aqua-Translucent-Yellow-Fade-AoE

It features a great finger spin area, making it an ideal choice for learning the popular DNA trick, and its name “AoE” (Area of Effect) symbolizes its inclusive appeal to all skill levels as a yoyo built from the ground up to appeal to everyone!

New colorways of AoE will be available worldwide on April 2nd at the following retailers. @rewindyoyo @yoyoexpert @theyoyosam @yoyo_loco @tops_yo @yoyoshopkizuna ACYO and the yoyofriends store. #yoyo #yoyofriend…