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(Halbach) #1

Chinese Yoyos. A word many hate due to bootlegs, but for those of us willing to give the more originals a try, we can sometimes find rare, cheap gems lost in a world unknown due to a company’s past reputation. In this mix is the Aoda Nighthawk, coming from a company notorious for bootlegs. Is this one of those rare gems, or another yoyo waiting to be thrown away?

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Looks interesting. I may have to pick one up. Name reminds me of the movie Step Brothers," You can call me…Nighthawk…"


Where can you buy it from?


Nice review.
But I kinda hope to see you taking some photos.
Those pictures are from the shop if I’m not mistaken.

(Halbach) #5

Sadly, Yes. I have to update it.

However, just search “Aoda Nighthawk” because, out of respect, I don’t want to link to a store