Anyone try any BreakBeat Yoyos?

I ordered a few as they seem to look great. Specifically im looking for any impressions or reviews if anyone has played them. I ordered a Fire, Killer, and a Lover. So those yoyos are the ones in particular im looking for impressions on. They look amazing and im sure they will be but want to hear some more about them. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should’ve gotten the Atlantis. Also I heard the Sandstorm replaces the Killer? Not sure.

Aren’t those the guys that make bootleg YYRs?


Please refrain from being so helpful. Not everyone knows the answer to everything, so it’s good to see someone as knowledgeable as yourself gracing us with your intellect.

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I would like to ask you first to answer, on what basis are you claiming that BBY makes YYR replicas?

I found a site that sells both BreakBeatYo products and YYR ripoffs, and in one of the descriptions it describes a YYR ripoff as “BreakBeatYo” I can’t find it anymore. Maybe I was tired and misread it. That is why I was simply asking, and not “claiming” as you would like to believe.

Yes they are, I have this info from one guy who was working with them.

I am aware of those being the exact people who make the YYR Bootlegs but the models they make seem pretty original.

Yeah, right.

So far, everything that you’ve “contributed” has been bratty, unhelpful, and unnecessary. How about staying quiet unless you have something helpful to add? Ok, good.

I’m curious about the performance of the BreakBeat yoyos. I’d love a review once you get them.

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Huh. I wonder who’s making outlandish claims and not providing evidences. It’s not my job to find the evidence for you, that I know.

So far all I have seen are prejudiced opinions and assumptions that whenever there is a suspicion of copied design, it must be the Chinese in the wrong. People seems to accept unfounded accusations with no problems at all.

My response will remain the same quality as those whom I’m responding to. I have no problem admitting that I deliberately make ******* posts to match them.

I can’t give you evidence because the only evidence I have is on another yoyo-selling website, which I can’t link to due to forum rules. And, the claim can’t be that outlandish if multiple reputable people are confirming it, and only one bratty-sounding poster is attempting to refute it.

Edit: If it’s really that important to you, I’d be happy to pm you with a link to a site selling bootleg YYRs with their manufacturer listed as BreakBeatYo.

Shaun, I’ll review them when i get them. it’ll be a while though cause they’re coming from China.

Dude, what are you even talking about? Where do you see any of that in this thread? One person mentioned that they are the same company that makes the knockoff YYR’s. How is that claiming anything about these being knockoffs? Are you off your meds or something? It’s seriously time to be quiet now. Grown ups are talking.

Right, multiple reputable people confirming that they have heard of the rumor.

I prefer referring myself as…sarcastic. Yes, offensively sarcastic.

Don’t bother, I know the website. Probably longer than you’ve known it.

Okay can all you guys just CHILL! Stop bickering over stupid things and let my thread get back to its normal purpose. take that elsewhere… please and thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry about that.

I’ve gotten mines a long time ago. I got the BBY Fire. I really enjoyed the way it played. Smooth, great at horizontals, and quiet x). Very great for the price.

inb4 NECRO!!!

but seriously though, there’s a purpose for the search function. I’m using it, and I’m bringing up a thread. Big deal, it’s only 2 months old and that’s not a big deal.

NECRO YOUR FACE if you don’t like it.

Anyway, How did those Breakbeats end up playing yomagic?? Specifically the Killer :smiley: I really want to order one