Anything New??

I been gone for about a month or two now and was wondering if anything new or exiting happened in the yoyo world :smiley:

i joined the yoyo world ;D :o

Yuuki got his arm cut off in a freak car accident.

YYF got sued by Matel.

My imagination got bigger.

are you friggin serious or are you kidding.please tell me your kidding.pleeeeeeeeaaase

Really dude? Yuuki is just fine and pretty sure Mattel has nothing to do with yoyos lol. Not much else is new. YYF is cranking throws out left and right still. SPYY’s Punchline is a hype monster with the play to back it up, and the Sovereign dropped. Also CLYW has some new throws in the works.

He was kidding…The last line kind of gives that away.

Some new yoyos came out. Still no announced eXperts/mods for November, December, and January but that’s fine.

44recreation becomes yoyorecreation.
Sleipnir released.
Stargazer redesigned.
Clash released.
Dreadnaught in the works now.


You haven’t even been gone for a month…

Seeming as i was on probation for about 2 months and had my computer taken away from me… yeah, i was gone for at least a month