Anyone want to start a micronation?

I think I’m going to start one called Yotopia. Anyone have any suggestions as to the government system, or want to be a citizen?

How are your statesman skills? Financial skills? Got anywhere to put this place?

How about a series of 6 islands in the Pacific, one for each style (plus one for any special styles)? Think about it, there could be a 1A island for 1A throwers, a 2A island for primarily 2A players, and so on and so forth. And everything would be made out of, or at least resemble, yo-yos. It’d be beautiful.

Youd do much, much better to start with rooming with like minded people

The only problem is that if island rivalries start escalating, then the 2A lot would prove a formidable force to overcome. You wouldn’t even be able to get near them, and I question how well the ranged 4A attacks would work against the constant barrage of loops…

Do you think 3A could tangle, or knot?


THIS… IS… 2A!!!

3a could take people out if they do velvet rolls.

I say you make it like Lord of the Flies, though with a dash of communism.

Well it didnt go so well in LOTF though…

Practice makes perfect.

Perfect genocide? Homocide? Yoyocide?