Anyone tried yoyo apartment/9king?

Hey everyone, hope your all doing OK.

I got some good deals on a forum, and have heard some good things about these yoyo’s, I got the 9king super, and the general sword.

Has anyone on here used these yoyo’s? If so, what did you think? I find it strange they got good reviews, but now don’t exist.

I also got a crucial milk proto, a yoyo boards demonic, and a YYF stacked superstar.

I guess these are all an upgrade from my current Legacy III and magic yoyo, although there is nothing wrong with them either.

By the way this is not for a recommendation, as I noticed it got moved here, they are already on the way, at the price I got them it was silly to say no, it was worth it just for the crucial milk money wise.

In their native China yoyoapartment is generally considered a low end brand like magicyoyo or auldey. The general sword is frequently ditched as a ‘‘c3 trident knockoff’’, but their later models the 1937, shooter etc are about as well received as the average auldey or myy. Some of them, still along with auldeys and myys, are frequently recommended to beginners as their first unresponsive yoyo. It is rare to see more established players using these as their main throw especially when their already small advantage in price is rapidly diminishing with the high end companies (the yoyomiracle consortium-complex, godtricks, etc) each introducing their own sub-$30 models.
idk i havent played any of them

I’ve tried both, awesome. I don’t know why anyone would dislike it unless if the spec is not their preference. 9king is really solid (rim weighted) kinda like oversized 1937 and the GS is also in the medium-solid side. Build quality is very nice too, no vibe, good anodizing. The only downside is maybe it’s not blasted so not suitable for grinds, if that even counts.
To be honest I can’t see how anyone could call it bad quality, probably because it’s wired in our head that everything made in China with funny brand name (yoyo… apartment?) and sold for such low price is automatically bad quality? I dunno. Heck even if it’s the exact same yoyo and released by better known company I can’t even see the difference.

Fair enough. Hopefully the arrive on tuesday, my superstar should be arriving tomorrow. Cant wait to try them all out!