Anyone tried the YYJoker Luminous? Or the TP Solenoid 1.1 and Basilisk


Basicly, as the topic says. Interested in something a bit more unusual from Japan in the fullsize-oversize range. Feel free to recommend other throws that fits the description.

All help appreciated


I LOVE the way the Basilisk Light feels, but I haven’t tried the normal one. I feel it might be too heavy for me.


Thankyou. Do you feel that it’s lacking spintime or stability because of the “lightweightness”?


ohhhh nonononono
in fact, I think they took some material out of the center and kept the rim weight the same.

So it’s really stable, but like I said, I haven’t played the normal Basilisk yet. I’m sure you’re going to like either.


I’ve got a Solenoid 1.1 and it is one heck of a stable throw. Naturally not as crazy fast as most of TP’s lineup but fast enough if you want to push it.



Ahh. How is it? Medium paced?

And i know there’s someone here who have or have had a Luminous. Saw someone posting a picture of theirs. Don’t remember who or where. Any help would be great! :slight_smile: