Anyone tried an Octave, Messiah, H.O.T, or H5xChief?


So, I’ve been looking to purchase a new yoyo for a bit now. I had been considering the H.O.T previously, but then the legendary OG Octave (Octave 1) was rereleased and captured my attention, being a big fan of RecRev. I have also found an H5xChief at a very attractive price (I’m a fan of both of the collaborating companies) and a cheap Messiah, and I’ve heard YYRs play extremely well. What are your opinions on any/all of these?

EDIT: I am looking for info on how these yoyos play, not which one I should choose.


Quite the range of yoyos there. If you want undersized the Messiah is the obvious choice, oversized the CZM84VK is an amazing deal. I’d go for either of those personally.


Yeah, there’s quite a variety. I’ve found all of them from $60-70 except the H.O.T, which I wasn’t able to locate for under normal retail.


The H.O.T is a pretty good yoyo for it’s price I was considering it before, but if you’re willing to pay that much might as well add 20-30 dollars and get CLYW Arctic Circle (or Chief, or Bear Vs Man 2) they’re proven winners, any of those throws you can throw casually, and hen it comes to competing you can also rely on it. Still cheaper than the H5xChief

Of course there’s the C3 Capless, you can never go wrong with it’s around $70 if I recall and it’s one of the best throws I’ve ever held in hand.

about the Octave since you mentioned OG I assume you’re speaking of the metal one, well if you’re a fan of RecRev you should consider the RecRev SINE//SAW (it’s on sale for $55 brand new if you know where to look), not your type? how about Freq. Wave?

I have never touched or played any YYR yoyos, so I can’t give you any opinion on it, but I can tell you that I hear a lot of good stuff about their yoyos and barely any bad stuff.

lastly, again, if you’re willing to pay a little extra, the Northern Spin Quantum JUST CAME OUT its $125, I hear it’s one of the best throws I’m looking to get one myself.

Goodluck! :slight_smile:


Oversize get the h5 x chief and undersized messiah then full get the H.O.T


Yes, I’m talking about the rerelease of the Octave 1. Not interested in the sine//saw. As stated above, I found the H5xChief on the BST for $60. I own a Freq.wav and an f(x) (delrin Freq.wav).


I love the H5xChief a lot. The disclaimer is that it’s a VERY LARGE yoyo. It’s not heavy, but it has a huge diameter with a slightly stepped-v catch zone that feels only a touch weird in the hand.

Powerful spins, and due to the shape and weight distribution, has a real “floaty” feel to it. It’s also ridiculously stable.

So all in all, I feel the H5xChief is a fantastic yoyo to get when you feel like it’s time to try something “different”, and just to have another option in your case. You probably won’t ever compete with it, and you might not even be likely to do trick videos with it (who knows?) but you’ll have a lot of fun with it whenever you pick it up.


And the HOT’s were 50-65 at BAC lol