Anyone seen this before? (Star Wars Pez content!)


I have this Darth Vader Pez dispenser. It is huge! It plays the Star Wars theme music when opened and his eyes light up. I sat the 16.9 oz Dasani bottle next to it for size comparison…


Never seen it before. That is huge! Where’d you get it?


Does it come with large pez candy


A guy my mother works with gave it to her to give to my son. He’s scared of it though. LOL.

No, but it holds a large amount of regular Pez packs.


Dude, that is pretty awesome. I totally get where your son’s coming from though. I’d be terrified too if I ever saw Darth Vader with red eyes coming towards me playing the Imperial March.



While firing deadly bursts of pure evi- i mean, sugar


He loves the candy but not the dispenser haha. His older sister loves to tease him with it though.