Anyone know why Haru left?




To cause a stir.


He left a pretty dark post the other day that was removed. He needs attention!


to get attention, I bet.


What was his post


It boils down to his growing sense of fatalism. Apparently he’ll be at BAC.

Not sure what will happen with his slot in the Battle, though! I guess someone is going to get a by.


I’ll see if I can get an answer out of him at BAC. He’s a nice guy. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I consider him a friend because I don’t know him that well, but odds are good it can evolve that way.

I think he’s just getting overloading with stuff going on his life and I think he just needed some entity to knock him around a bit to maybe knock something off in his priority schedule. A reality check of sorts.


Oh. Ok.


I didn’t know he left. It’s too bad that he did.


Haru left?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT??!!?!?!?!?


WOAH WOAH WOAH HOLD UP! He’s leaving? Like… The forum? Or more? Is it temporary? And what was his post about, i didnt get the chance to read it… And… We kinda didnt finish this bst thing yet :-\


He said he’s taking a break from the forums.
He needs to work some personal issues out.
He will be at BAC.


Why was it deleted though?

And I sent out the money a few days ago for our bst deal and now i have no way to contact him :frowning:


I do know why, but it is not to be discussed publicly. If you would like to be enlightened, pm me, I have this guy on Facebook and he’s a good friend of mine.

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Josh’s fan club. You’re here pretty early. :slight_smile: